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Embedded Implicatures

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Title Embedded Implicatures
Creator Recanati, François
Subject [SCCO:COGPSY] Cognitive Science/Cognitive Psychology
[SHS:LANGUE:PRAGMATICS] Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics/Pragmatics
[SHS:LANGUE:SEMANTICS] Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics/Semantics
[SHS:PHIL:LANGUAGE] Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy/Philosophy of Language
Description Conversational implicatures do not normally fall within the scope of operators because they arise at the speech act level, not at the level of sub-locutionary constituents. Yet in some cases they do, or so it seems. My aim in this paper is to compare different approaches to the problem raised by what I call 'embedded implicatures': seeming implicatures that arise locally, at a sub-locutionary level, without resulting from an inference in the narrow sense.
Date 2003
Type peer-reviewed article
Source Philosophical Perspectives