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Why rethink interdisciplinarity?

JeanNicod - ©HAL

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Title Why rethink interdisciplinarity?
Creator Sperber, Dan
Subject [SHS:PHIL:EPISTEMO] Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy/Epistemology and philosophy of science
philosophy of science
cognitive science
Description There is a conventional discourse in favor of interdisciplinary research. At the same time there is much indifference or even disregard for such research and there are important institutional obstacles to its development. This first contribution to a virtual seminar aims at feeding reflexion on the conditions in which this research is either truly beneficial, even necessary, or is of little value. Favorable conditions for interdisciplinary research have a history, linked to that of scientific disciplines and their institutions. Is this history in the process of taking a new turn with the development of new forms of scientific communication through the Internet? I draw on my experience in the social and the cognitive sciences to reflect on the strength and weaknesses of interdisciplinary research and on its future.
Date 2003
Type preprint