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Apuleius the Philosopher?

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Title Apuleius the Philosopher?
Creator O'Brien, Maeve
Subject Ancient Classics
Description This paper is about the classification of Apuleius as either a philosopher or
as a sophist. Known to us primarily through his Second Sophistic novel Metamophoses (Transformations), alternatively entitled The Golden Ass, Apuleius 'the philosopher' does
not trip off the tongue. As Apuleius says in Florida 13, the wisdom and the eloquence
of the philosopher (philosophi ratio et oratio) are ready at all times to awaken awe in all
who hear. Apuleius is equally rhetor and philosophus and both these facets are
exemplified not only in his philosophical works but also pre-eminently in the Metamorphoses.
Publisher Irish Philosophical Society
Date 2007
Type Article
Format application/pdf
O'Brien, Maeve (2007) Apuleius the Philosopher? Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society , 2007 (ISBN: 0953170675). pp. 131-141.