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Concepts Are Beliefs About Essences

University of Konstanz, GERMANY, KOPS

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Title Concepts Are Beliefs About Essences
Creator Haas-Spohn, Ulrike
Spohn, Wolfgang
Subject Philosophy
Description The most promising strategy to understand (sentential) narrow contents or (subsentential) concepts seems to be to conceive them as primary intensions or diagonals within the epistemologically reinterpreted character theory of Kaplan. However, this strategy seems to founder either at Block's dilemma between a too syntacticist or too holistic understanding of narrow contents and concepts or at Schiffer's problem that the character theory depends on functional role semantics without adding anything to it. The paper defends a way of steering midway of Block's dilemma without recourse to functional role semantics, a way perfectly summarized in its title.
Publisher Universit├Ąt Konstanz
Fachbereich Philosophie. Fachbereich Philosophie
Date 2001
Type InProceedings
Format application/pdf
Identifier urn:nbn:de:bsz:352-opus-62624
Source First publ. in: Proceedings of an Internat. Symposium: "Gottlob Frege: Philosophy of Logic, Language and Knowledge" - Stanford: CSLI Publ., 2001, pp. 287-316
Language eng