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What is Human Dignity?

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Title What is Human Dignity?
Creator Lebech, Mette
Subject Philosophy
Description The English expression 'human dignity' consists of the predicate 'human' and the noun 'dignity'. The adjective qualifies the noun, thus determining the kind of dignity in question as the human kind. The adjective has a similar function in the expression 'human being': Here it qualifies the noun 'being', to determine the kind of being in question as a being of the human kind. 'Human' is etymologically related to the Latin for earth, humus, so that 'human' means what is 'earthly' (as an adjective), or an 'earthling' (as a substantive). Generally speaking it means what is proper to the kind that 'we' are, or to the species of rational animals, referring in particular to their kindness (humanity) and their fallibility ('all too human').
Publisher Faculity of Philosophy, NUI Maynooth
Date 2004
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Lebech, Mette (2004) What is Human Dignity? Maynooth Philosophical Papers (ed. by M. Lebech, Maynooth). pp. 59-69.