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Martin Heidegger's Existential Philosophy

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Title Martin Heidegger's Existential Philosophy
Creator Lebech, Mette
Subject Philosophy
Description The text which is hereby made available in translation originates as a lengthy
appendix to Stein's main work Finite and Eternal Being. It was, however, left out
of the first edition of this work (1950) and in the reprint of Edith Steins Werke 1
and thus the editors of the Collected Works of Edith Stein likewise left it for a
future occasion. The omission has been emended in the new critical edition Edith
Steins Gesamtausgabe, 2 and a completed English translation will follow in due
The essay is divided into four sections, each concerned with one of
Heidegger's (until then) published works: Being and Time Kant and the Problem
of Metaphysics The Essence of Reasons and What is Metaphysics? About two
thirds is taken up with an analysis of Being and Time, again simply divided into
an 'Outline of the Argument' and an 'Evaluation'. The latter part addresses three
questions: 'What is Dasein'? 'Is the Analysis of Dasein Accurate?' and 'Is it
sufficient for adequately addressing the Question of the Meaning of Being?'.
Publisher Philosophy Department, NUI Maynooth
Date 2007
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Lebech, Mette (2007) Martin Heidegger's Existential Philosophy. Maynooth Philosophical Papers (4). pp. 55-98.