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Remarks on Ludwig Wittgenstein and Behaviourism

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Title Remarks on Ludwig Wittgenstein and Behaviourism
Creator Byrne, Susan
Subject Philosophy
Description Ludwig Wittgenstein’s systematic rejection of cognitive analysis undoubtedly leads one to interpret his work as being fundamentally influenced by behaviourism. However, despite his private language argument, his views on ostensive definition, and his investigation into psychological concepts and psychology as an empirical science, this paper will show that Wittgenstein’s behaviourist influences were both relevant and limited and thus his tentative link to methodological behaviourism should not facilitate any distortion or misrepresentation of his philosophy or be confused with his own assertions as a logical behaviourist.
Publisher Department of Philosophy, NUI Maynooth
Date 2009
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Byrne, Susan (2009) Remarks on Ludwig Wittgenstein and Behaviourism. Maynooth Philosophical Papers, Issue 5 (2008) . pp. 49-56.